How We Work

Stream’s digital solutions address the specific issue faced by many companies that spend a disproportionate amount of time acquiring new customers, often to the detriment of their existing client base. Using a combination of a consultative approach, commercial knowledge and sophisticated data interpretation we focus on building brand loyalty using cutting edge, unique digital solutions.

Statistics show that it is 10 times easier to generate business from an existing customer than from a new one. Stream has developed a suite of solutions focused on building loyalty, retaining customers and increasing spend, whilst adding value in the process.

Our stats show our solutions regularly generate over 10 times ROI and one of our clients recently stated that we had revolutionised their business and the industry.

Stream is passionate about innovation and works consultatively to build trustworthy digital solutions that deliver brand loyalty as well as commercial rewards; through this winning combination we can prove that the cost of inertia far outweighs the price of change.

Stream works in partnership with clients to agree defined objectives, strategic alignment and clear communication channels, which we believe are crucial to the success of any relationship or project. Stream will always seek to delve deeply into and gain an understanding of your business; we will ask questions and challenge existing rationale so that, together, we come up with the answer that delivers the right solution – and a solution that works. We are consultative and entrepreneurial in our approach and have a proven track record of this – it is where our clients state that we really add value, and this is our key aim.

The Stream team passionately believes in delivering excellence; we ensure we manage customer expectations and build our digital solutions keeping user experience, brand awareness and product demand and availability in mind in order to improve long term customer experience and loyalty.

Stream is a loyalty company, not just a company with a loyalty programme; it’s no longer good enough to just implement a reward programme for transactions. Stream understands that in order to really drive customer behaviour, increase engagement and thereby improve brand loyalty, you need to create a loyalty culture where customers are rewarded not just for purchases but also for interacting and engaging with your brand.

Stream believes in the power of personalisation; in order to create successful customer experiences we need to use your data to create personalised content to target your customers in a relevant and timely manner.

Stream doesn’t just design, build and deliver engaging loyalty, e-commerce and communications portals – that wouldn’t be enough. We also constantly measure, react and respond to everything your customers do. All online activity is measured and data crunched and reported on in a timely fashion to ensure we are able to continuously improve the customer experience to produce the best results every time.

Stream develops digital solutions that focus on increasing engagement, either internally or externally. We build loyalty and ultimately generate revenue growth. Typically working in the B2B sector or internally for companies, our solutions regularly generate tangible ROI and we achieve 99% customer satisfaction year on year.