Employee Appreciation Day - Insight into working life at Stream
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Employee Appreciation Day
04 March 2016

Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Employee Appreciation Day; it's a time to celebrate the efforts of the individuals who serve as the foundation for our economy, our public service and also our voluntary sector.

But, according to research from a global employee recognition firm Globoforce, an enormous 40% of workers say they were not recognized in the past year.

60 years of research in psychology has found that when human beings are energized they do their best work. There has been so much research into recognition and business performance over the last 10 years and the results are such that companies are having to take notice.

Employee appreciation has its basis in engagement. The ability to create interactive communication with internal stakeholders and to generate true engagement is “must have” for any business. Engagement relies on a mix of relevance of content, personalisation of interaction, quality of user experience and empowerment of the individual. Sadly far too many companies communication struggle to achieve any of these elements – a large part of the problem lies with the company intranet, many of which have morphed into larger unwieldly repositories of information, rather than being communication and engagement enablers.

You don't have to spend a fortune or go crazy to make people feel appreciated. Today could be about something as simple as taking in cakes for everyone or giving your team an extra half hour for lunch. At some point today, spend a little time thinking about whether or not you really do appreciate your employees and how you go about showing them this. Employees that feel loved share the love and the more appreciated they feel the bigger advocates they will be for your business and your brand, creating brand loyalty as a result.

Go on, make employee appreciation day one to remember for your employees!