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Stream’s unique software solutions, combined with a clear understanding of the significance of data, enables us to work with clients to help build brand loyalty, increase sales, drive customer satisfaction and drive employee engagement. Stream helps build trust that delivers brand loyalty and commercial rewards and, through this, can prove that the cost of inertia far outweighs the price of change.
Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

We have recently completed 5 incentives for Anglian Home Improvements taking guests to London, Loutraki, Dubrovnik, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.
Incentive Events - Rewards That Really Work
07 March 2016

Incentive Events - Rewards That Really Work

Looking back on 2015, Stream Comms had a lot of breakfasts in a lot of beautiful, inspirational settings on incentive events! How many did you share with us?

There's been a school of thought in recent years that incentive events are less popular as a method of rewarding top employees. It's expensive, it's not always seen as appropriate by shareholders, and C-level execs can worry it gives the wrong message.

But, recently, it seems that incentive events and travel are making a comeback. Incentive events and travel tend to be a subset of an incentive, recognition or a loyalty programme, which is a business tool designed to change behaviour, to improve profit and encourage employee engagement. Companies are realising that incentive events, especially incentive travel, can be far more effective than some other rewards, particularly cash rewards - as these tend to be spent on something relatively mundane - whereas an enticing travel experience can inspire and motivate employees over a longer period.

Stream Comm's clients recognise the value of incentive events and as a result we had a busy year in 2015. We ran 9 incentive travel events for 1,184 guests and booked 785 guest bedroom nights in a range of top quality hotels all over the world. We organised 54 activities for a total of 745 participants and served 1605 breakfasts across 26 cities, 12 countries and 4 continents.

It's a busy life being an event manager, Sarah and the others in the event team spent 107 nights on site inspections and visited a total of 33 hotels to fund just the right experiences for our guests. but it's also rewarding as the feedback stats show, with 98.9% of guests rating Stream's event team as good or excellent!

For more insight into the life of our incentive events team have a look at this infographic: