Surprise and Delight Customers for Long Lasting Brand Loyalty - Insight into working life at Stream
Stream’s unique software solutions, combined with a clear understanding of the significance of data, enables us to work with clients to help build brand loyalty, increase sales, drive customer satisfaction and drive employee engagement. Stream helps build trust that delivers brand loyalty and commercial rewards and, through this, can prove that the cost of inertia far outweighs the price of change.
Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

We have recently completed 5 incentives for Anglian Home Improvements taking guests to London, Loutraki, Dubrovnik, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.
Surprise and Delight Customers for Long Lasting Brand Loyalty
16 March 2016

Surprise and Delight Customers for Long Lasting Brand Loyalty

If you want to surprise and delight customers to develop long lasting brand loyalty, you need a good recipe and Stream has all the ingredients required from loyalty schemes to communications portals, from rewards programmes to gamification and from employee benefits schemes to incentive travel. Some of our solutions are internal employee programmes but we believe these are loyalty building as your best advocates are your employees; if you can engage them and make them feel valued they are more likely to promote your brand amongst their peers.

So what is the best recipe for surprise and delight? It's really simple, make people feel special, valued, acknowledged and unique. Hard to do? Well, it can be, but not if you have the right online platform to automate your ongoing communications and customer touchpoints, the right content, and you're talking to your customers when, where and how they want.

Let's get personal; how do you ensure you are hitting the right spot?

We've talked before about the element of surprise and delight and how important this is in building brand loyalty, here are a few tips on how to surprise and delight your customers; 

  1. Treat your customers like VIPs
  2. Rewarding customers for their loyalty
  3. Ensure these rewards are vaulable and worthwhile
  4. Offer customers relevant, timely and valuable communications, promotions and discounts
  5. Know your customers, understand their patterns and behaviours and recognize them
  6. Build brand trust through never letting your customers down
  7. Provide exclusive, personalised offers

It sounds simple, and it can be ... just ensure you have the right partner in place to support your requirement and drive brand loyalty and business growth.