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Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

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Benzuzo - Bringing a Buzz to Employee Engagement
26 August 2016

Benzuzo - Bringing a Buzz to Employee Engagement

As a company which specialises in building brand loyalty Stream Comms has recently created Benzuzo; the flagship product of its employee engagement portfolio. Benzuzo offers companies a way to reward employees with an extensive array of discounted services and products. We work on the premise that the happier employees are the more productive they will be and the better advocates they will be for your brand. Adopting Benzuzo will engage, inspire and reward your employees, building brand loyalty and advocacy and providing superior revenue growth.

“Whether you love your job or not the important thing is that you feel valued. Companies who continually think about how to motivate and inspire their workforce retain key staff resulting in a reduction in recruitment spend.” Melanie Parker, Director, Stream Comms

Employee engagement hit the headlines recently with the introduction of the national living wage resulting in employee perks being cut by a range of well known brands. Caffè Nero, Zizzi, Waitrose, Carillon, Asda as well as numerous independent stores have taken steps to reduce outgoings by cutting back on perks. Sunday pay, bank holiday pay, food perks and paid lunch breaks have been taken away, some say negating the very point of the national living wage.

An unhappy coincidence of course, but no-one can deny that the national living wage has seriously affected employee benefits and perks. In an age where brand loyalty and employee advocacy are key, brands need to reassess their reaction to the legislation. In order to develop a happy workforce employers need to give something back and Benzuzo is a perfect mechanism through which to do so.

As part of a brand positioning exercise we conducted research on the types of benefits and rewards people currently receive from employers and what they would like to receive as part of an employment benefits package. Answered anonymously this threw up some interesting facts and figures about the current state of employee benefits in the UK. The survey took in a wide demographic with ages from 16-65+ and a range of employees, manager and business owners/directors.

When asked what benefits their employees already provided the results showed that employee benefits are not necessarily widely enjoyed. Results showed:
• Only 37% of respondents enjoy online retail discounts
• Only 20% of employers offer a reward portal
• Only 27% of employers offer an employee assistance programme

When asked what their top 5 benefits would be, in an ideal world, respondents replied as follows:
1. Annual bonus
2. Flexi-time
3. Birthday holiday day
4. Salary sacrifice for holiday
5. Online retail discounts

70% of respondents stated that a benefits package would encourage them to stay with their employer and 50% of people said the benefits package was either very or extremely important in their decision on whether or not to take a job.

The results of our survey showed that benefits were considered an important element of an overall employment package and that those that received employee benefits were happier with their employer than those that didn’t receive the same types of benefits.

It is clear that employee engagement is a crucial factor in providing a healthy, happy workplace. It is also clear that engaged employees are more brand loyal and likely to act as brand advocates, resulting in wider brand trust and brand loyalty amongst consumers.


More about Benzuzo:

Designed to motivate and reward your team by provide you with exclusive access to discounts and offers with 100's of brands ranging from American Golf to Madame Tussauds to Zizzi's. You can get discounts of up to 20% ensuring you have more disposable cash at the end of the month. Discounts come in the form of reloadable gift cards, online digital codes and single use gift cards.

With the aim of making the office a healthier, more energising and more productive workplace, Benzuzo also offers handy tips such as how to make delicious healthy lunches as well as quick workouts you can do in your lunchbreak and ideas for getting creativity flowing in meetings; helping you and your employees to ‘bee the best’ you can be.

Benzuzo is more than just a user friendly, dynamic and inexpensive way to reward your staff. Not only do you get access to all the amazing offers, discounts and information but every person who signs up to Benzuzo is helping to save the honey bee. We have partnered with The British Beekeepers Association, guardians of these little wonders, to create awareness of what we all can do individually and collectively to help save our bees, and the planet.

For every member of staff that is given access to the Benzuzo platform Stream will donate 5% of the employer’s annual fee to the British Beekeepers Association. Not only will your staff receive savings on hundreds of products and services they will be helping to save these tireless guardians of the great British countryside.