Meaningful Conversations - Insight into working life at Stream
Stream’s unique software solutions, combined with a clear understanding of the significance of data, enables us to work with clients to help build brand loyalty, increase sales, drive customer satisfaction and drive employee engagement. Stream helps build trust that delivers brand loyalty and commercial rewards and, through this, can prove that the cost of inertia far outweighs the price of change.
Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

We have recently completed 5 incentives for Anglian Home Improvements taking guests to London, Loutraki, Dubrovnik, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.
Meaningful Conversations
30 March 2017

Meaningful Conversations

Stream exhibited at the B2B Marketing Expo this week and had a fantastic, if tiring, few days. The atmosphere was great throughout the exhibition and there were no time wasters. Everyone we spoke to seemed to actually have a challenge and wanted to speak to us. This could be that the exhibition was held at Excel so you really have to want to go to trek all the way over there.


The majority of conversations we had were around loyalty and how to win more customers for life. What was so great was that the people we spoke to were all from different industries and were at different stages of looking at loyalty. we have discussed running small tactical incentives to those companies with no existing loyalty programme or running a review of those that do but dont know whether they are working.


We were very proud of our team who demonstrated our brand values with every person they met - passionate, trustworthy, consultative, empowered and innovative. As Mark mentioned in his thought leadership presentation there is no one size fits all. You can take an off the shelf solution but it wont be tailored to your audience and you wont get the growth or innovation that comes with creating something that is perfect for your brand, your team and your customers.


There were some great speakers at the exhibition and it was a real masterclass in taking you back to basics with all B2B marketing tools and processes, getting visitors to think about what it is they are trying to achieve. Only once you know what you are trying to achieve, what behaviours you want your teams or customers to emulate, can you then start to define what a customer centric loyalty solution could look like for you.


We are looking forward to continuing the meaningful conversations we started at the exhibition. If anyone wants to attend more thought leadership presentations we have one coming up on the 18th May in London. It is free to register, just visit our Events page and sign up.