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Book Review - The Customer Loyalty Loop by Noah Fleming
23 May 2017

Book Review - The Customer Loyalty Loop by Noah Fleming

Having just read the Customer Loyalty Loop by Noah Fleming, I am pleased that the work we have done recently means we are achieving the majority of the recommendations outlined in this book both internally and for our clients. There are always ways we can improve and tweak the way we manage the customer experience so as a team we are going to undertake some of the workshops mentioned in the book and make sure we are leaving nothing to chance.

Our mission is to help companies win more customers for life and this is exactly what this book focuses on. For a lot of our clients we design and develop customer loyalty programmes, however we also provide consultancy on how companies can impact the customer experience throughout the many customer touchpoints. It isn’t enough on its own to provide customers with discounts and rewards, you need to know your customer, understand their journey with your business and provide a memorable experience throughout that journey.

The book focuses on the psychology of the customer experience, how experiences are remembered, stored and recalled. The science is important to understand so that you can tailor your interactions with the customer to make the most of each and every experience.

Noah Fleming defines the 4 stages of the Customer Loyalty Loop as Imagination Before Persuasion, Conversion Without Coercion, Experience Choreography and Happily Ever After. It is important to understand how the customer is feeling at each step and to brainstorm what you can do to create a remarkable moment and a memory that sticks.

How is your customer feeling? This is the question to ask yourself at every customer interaction and just as important when there is no physical touchpoint. Have you outlined your customer journey, identifying the touchpoints throughout that journey? If there is one thing you take from this book, this should be it.

Relationships are built on trust and you need to ensure that the trust you built up during the lead nurture and sales process is being continued throughout the lifetime of the relationship. Before the marketing process even starts think about what you want your customers to know and how you want them to feel. Think about the language you use, contact points, customer service, problem resolution, account management and how you can generate wow moments at every point. Track your customers through the journey and always keep in mind what you can do to improve the relationship, build trust and provide value.

The book is well written, easy to read and provides some fascinating insights, science, facts and actions you could take to attract new customers and make them want to buy from you again and again.

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