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Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

We have recently completed 5 incentives for Anglian Home Improvements taking guests to London, Loutraki, Dubrovnik, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.
Create your own remarkable moments!
14 July 2017

Create your own remarkable moments!

This month has been incredibly exciting for our research and development team. We had what ended up being a 3.5 hour meeting with Microsoft running through their partnership program for agencies and talking about the latest tech and innovation. You could virtually see the lightbulbs going off and the cogs turning as the team came up with lots of ideas for new and existing clients.

Preparing for a workshop we are delivering later in July we began to roadmap the entire customer journey for one of our partners. How often do your sales, marketing and account teams really analyse the customer journey? Probably not enough. We all set processes in motion but don’t analyse and assess them regularly enough to ensure they are still having a positive impact on the customer experience and driving the right behaviours.

Loyalty isn’t all about the end rewards you offer the customer. It should start much earlier than that. For the purposes of the workshop we have split the customer journey down into five sections:

  • Brand awareness and lead nurturing
  • Pre-booking/making a sale
  • Confirmed product or service sale
  • Deliver of product or service
  • Post-sale.

In these five sections, we have then highlighted all the customer touchpoints; communications, face to face experience, collateral, online/in app experience and the list goes on.

When you put yourself in your customers shoes, you start to realise where the experience falters and where it exceeds expectation. Once you have highlighted these areas you can start to build on what you are already doing well to provide a great customer experience throughout the journey. Some of the changes you make could be really simple, such as using the person’s name throughout communications, making a sign-up process quicker, using language that the customer understands or making it easy for customers to find answers to their questions.

Once you have assessed your customer journey you can start to think about creating remarkable moments where the customer is motivated to speak to someone about the great experience they just had with your brand. Only today I have seen a post on LinkedIn from Sam Grinley at UNILAD talking about the great experience he had with Pret A Manger. Within a few days the post has had 1,201 likes and 82 comments. The comments range from “[Pret A Manger] made my day to receive such great service” to “I don’t know any other brand who sees things from the customer perspective as well as Pret do” to “I love the way Pret empower their staff!”. These are customers who have taken time out of their own day to share their experiences as brand advocates for no immediate benefit to themselves. This kind of marketing is priceless. Wouldn’t we all love to see our customers talking about our brand publicly in this manner.

Here is a little workshop you could run internally to help you create your own remarkable moments:

  1. Firstly get your team to write down the best and most memorable experience you have ever had with a business. Try to include people from different departments in this exercise so that you cover all aspects of the customer journey. The experience doesn’t have to be in their business lives, it could be anything that stands out.
  2. Secondly get everyone individually to write down what made the experience so remarkable and why it had a lasting impression? Note down whether you then talked about it to other people and how long ago the experience was.
  3. Get everyone to share their experiences as a group and then brainstorm whether any of these could apply to your business.
  4. Next get creative and have fun with this section. Looking at all the existing customer touchpoints and the customer journey what else could you do to create remarkable moments for your customers. Don’t worry at this stage about whether the ideas are feasible just get as many ideas as you can and then see which ones you could road test with your customers and which you could implement immediately.

If you would like Stream to run this workshop for your team just give us a call or drop us an email. We love seeing how creative this workshop gets and how much it helps pull teams together across departments to visualise and improve the customer experience.