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The Customer Experience
31 October 2017

The Customer Experience

Working in the loyalty business can sometimes be a bad thing. You notice the good and bad of customer service everywhere you go. The little touches that make the difference. Just recently I stayed at a very nice hotel in Abu Dhabi, the Ritz Carlton. Having worked in events as well in my first few years after University means that every time I travel I notice the little things that I would change. The smallest things can make a difference. The Ritz Carlton is a beautiful hotel set amongst stunning gardens with views of the mosque and the Abu Dhabi canal. A large pool perfect for children and adults alike and a white sandy beach with glorious clear blue waters make for a beautiful setting. However there are small things that have been overlooked that could have made all the difference to our stay.

We decided to upgrade to a garden villa where you supposedly have butler service but never actually met anyone who might offer this. Now I would very rarely use the butler service anyway as I still feel a bit uncomfortable asking someone to do things that I am perfectly capable of doing myself but as it has been offered there is an expectation that it is now my right to either take advantage of the service or turn it down politely. We could also have a fully stocked mini bar but we had to request that it is stocked. If it was stocked on arrival then you would likely use it resulting in revenue for the hotel. The option to decline or add this as part of your booking would also make less work for staff and customers during your stay.

The terrace has clearly not been mopped for some time and one of the outside lights flickers on and off. Small things that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the holiday but are things that I noticed and gave a general impression of the hotel not being of the quality it claims to be. The hotel have obviously thought about the customer experience and have someone positioned at almost every door ready to open it for you. A lovely service but unfortunately they open the door so early that you find yourself jogging to get through it so you don’t keep them waiting too long for you to get through. The general customer service of ordering drinks and food is also good to a point. People ride around the resort on bikes ready to take your orders but not once have we had our order delivered correctly the first time.

This may sound like I am whinging and I really don’t want it to come across like that. When you are thinking about customer experience you need to make sure that you deliver the experience exceptionally. Don’t try to implement things that you cant deliver on and always make sure you get the basics right first. The basics will be different for every company but you need to try and step into your customers shoes, go undercover and do whatever it takes to see your service through your customers eyes. You could try making a booking online, calling your company and seeing how quickly you get a response, how quickly the phone is answered, whether the person is able to answer all the questions you might have. Make sure you do this on a regular basis as a simple thing like new staff or new processes can lead to a decline in customer service and experience. This exercise shouldn’t be seen as a threat to staff but as a way of uncovering where extra training or process is needed. We can all fall into bad habits or believe we are doing the right thing because we have never actually experienced it. The basic experience that your customer has bought needs to be perfect and once it is then you can start thinking about the remarkable moments that you can implement that will result in recommendations, good PR and repeat business.