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Stream’s unique software solutions, combined with a clear understanding of the significance of data, enables us to work with clients to help build brand loyalty, increase sales, drive customer satisfaction and drive employee engagement. Stream helps build trust that delivers brand loyalty and commercial rewards and, through this, can prove that the cost of inertia far outweighs the price of change.
Stream have just won a contract to develop an online coaching and professional development tool for a major healthcare company. Watch this space for more information.

We have recently completed 5 incentives for Anglian Home Improvements taking guests to London, Loutraki, Dubrovnik, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.


A greater understanding of your customers presents significant opportunities to increase sales, educate the customer and cement your position as reliable and trustworthy supplier. In this whitepaper we explore four key aspects of segmentation as well as how to create buyer personas.

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As we enter 2016 it's time to think about what will impact customer engagement, customer loyalty, and the brand loyalty arena in the coming year.

  • What has worked?
  • What has not?
  • What should we do more of or less of?

We've taken a moment to reflect and refine, to ruminate and cogitate and here are our predictions for the brand loyalty sector in 2016...

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Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to reach people and to breathe life into your brand. Giving your company an identity and capturing and sharing your brand story enables you to engage your target audience and take them on a journey, which will – if your story is compelling enough – result in a long term, personal connection with your brand.

Every day we face advertising overload. Marketers are constantly competing for our attention and you are competing with other marketers. It's a dog eat dog world out there and brand storytelling can be an effective way to earn brand loyalty and drive sales.

Let's be clear from the start; brand storytelling is not really about your company at all. It's about your customers and the value that they get when engaging with your product or service. Think of your company as a supporting character to your customers' experiences. If you embrace your customers' stories and incorporate the story behind your company you'll create positive engagement and brand loyalty. Don't shy away from creating this identity; customers want to engage with people, not with an ambiguous and ill-conceived corporate identity.

Develop your brand's unique voice, cut through the noise and connect with your customers on their level; your brand story and the objective of creating brand loyalty should become the central tenet of your content marketing strategy.

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We are all customers; we all know want we like and what we don't like. We've all had experiences that have been diabolical but we've also had some that have been superb. Which do you remember most? Which do you tell your friends about? Which do you post about on social? What impacts your choice of brand?

Unfortunately for brands it's the negative, frustrating, irritating and downright unsatisfactory experiences that we remember, share and which impacts future buying behaviours. We are keen to make sure everyone knows and doesn't suffer the same disappointment, rudeness, annoyance etc, but we're less motivated to share positive experiences.

The brand lesson should be that the days when value for money or product quality were the vital benchmarks of customer satisfaction are long gone, now it's all about the customer experience concept. Which begs the question, how do you ensure that your customers' experiences are positive and that they go away happy and fulfilled. You might not get them to actively share about these happy, positive experiences, but you can try to avoid them having and sharing negative ones.

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With the imminent publication of the General Data Protection Regulation you need to make sure you are complying or have the infrastructure and resource in place to make the changes required. If you are collecting or processing personal data and lets face it this is what most companies are trying to do effectively then you need to make sure you understand what impact this regulation could have. Companies will have two years to make sure they comply with the new rules.

Personal data is "information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person." Data processing is "operations performed upon personal data, in whole or in part by automatic means." You don't actually need to know someones name to identify them, its enough that you can single them out from others.

If you want any assistance with looking at your current processes and understanding how this might affect you please contact us. Download the infographic to read more...


In today's fast moving global marketplace customer retention and loyalty is key; particularly in the B2B world where companies will often talk about 85%+ of their business coming from existing customers … but this is under pressure and changing. Customers don't think they need to talk to suppliers, they have access to more information about the world in which they operate than ever before and they expect to be able to easily access information online about existing and potential supplier organisations.

Customers feel, rightly or wrongly, that they can make independent buying decisions and don't need the input of a sales person. The days of sales people putting catalogues in front of customers is long gone; sales teams are now far too expensive to operate as 'talking catalogues'. Customers are happy independently making purchasing decisions, which previously would have involved dealing with a sales person; even multi-million pound purchases – such as buying a jet engine for an aircraft – are now confidently conducted online through sophisticated procurement portals.

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To build loyalty you need to understand your customers; segment your market, identify your target audience and build customer profiles. Once you've done that, select your products and tailor your strategy to the relevant groups, based on their preferences. Next, communicate; get your messages out there in a targeted, relevant and timely manner.

Once that is achieved it's time to analyse your data and results … analyse one, analyse twice and then analyse some more; work out what to stop, start and continue. Finally, reflect, revise and repeat …

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In a nutshell, Big Data is the ability to retain, process and understand data like never before.

Everyday we create 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data. Data must be presented in a readable and accessible way, the challenge is making the findings from big data clear and that is where we can help. We help you to deep dive into the data, research and analyse the findings and present them back to you in a way that allows you to create better more personalised and more targeted campaigns.

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3 years ago Anglian Home Improvements was communicating with its 1500 strong sales staff via traditional print media alone. Anglian instructed Stream to work with them to bring the company into the digital age and Stream proposed an online solution that would help move their internal communications into the 21st century.

Stream developed a communications platform that was more interactive, cost effective, dynamic and, importantly, heralded a move to a more collaborative and network driven way of working. The portal delivered an increase in sales force engagement, interaction, product information, crucial sales lead data and feedback.The introduction of Streams academy module reduced training costs and ensured the business was only hiring the best candidates available. Own business sales have increased year on year since the introduction of installation data.

The portal has had a dramatic impact on communication and engagement within the sales force and has changed the way the business works, resulting in the sales force being more engaged in the company, acting as brand ambassadors and leading to vastly improved brand loyalty.

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MAC required a strategy for improving brand loyalty and asked Stream to develop a solution to improve their employee's engagement with the brand with a view to improving consumer brand loyalty. Stream developed a highly engaging communications platform for MAC's Commercial Conference from which MAC was able to interact with delegates from initial invitation through to post-event evaluation.

94% of event attendees gave an 'excellent' rating as their feedback. MAC confirmed that, in stark comparison to previous years, delegates were more engaged and were more likely to proactively encourage brand loyalty on an ongoing basis, providing excellent ROI for the business.

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Sally Gunnell was keen to refresh her brand and the image and content of her website in order to capitalise on the increased awareness and activity generated by the London 2012 Olympics.

Sally also needed a platform to further market her Workplace Wellbeing / Healthy Living programme to a broader audience, and for that platform to be able to provide personalised content to specific user groups via a database driven login.

Stream undertook a rebrand and produced a redesigned website incorporating a healthy living / well-being section with scope for user login for closed access areas. The platform provides the ability for very specific messaging to users and, via the database, gives excellent functionality and great scope to accommodate future developments and enhancements.

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Unique amongst its competitors, DENTSPLY Rewards was designed to address and solve the loyalty challenge in B2B product sales. A highly flexible, modular platform it incorporates a loyalty mechanic designed to accrue points redeemable against DENTSPLY's products. The platform delivers a comprehensive datadriven communications and engagement portal that has enabled DENTSPLY to engage with and segment its audience and target offers and promotions based on profiles and buying behaviours.

When measured against initial objectives, the implementation of DENTSPLY Rewards was a resounding success. In 2014 the scheme delivered a turnover of £7.5 million, up from £6.1 million the previous year and has changed the buying habits of an industry. DENTPLY Rewards has been a win-win for all parties; dentists received rewards, discounts and promotions and DENTSPLY has achieved its commercial objectives.

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