Loyalty - Back to Basics

Customer loyalty is all about programmes, schemes, cards and platforms, right? Wrong!

Customer loyalty is a value strategy that is embedded within your company’s culture. It’s an all-encompassing mindset that needs to be embraced by every person within your organisation.

But Stream will also be the first to say that a loyalty programme is not right for everyone.

Series 1 - A starting point

Before implementing a Loyalty programme, there are some things to consider:

-        Is your company going to benefit from a loyalty programme?

-        What should you offer?

-        How should you communicate the offering?

-        How can you use the data will be generated?

The first book in this series looks at the key points you need to consider to ensure that a loyalty programme is an intrinsic part of your business strategy, developing customer loyalty and improving efficiencies and service.

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Series 2 - The 7 Loyalty Programme Models

You must ensure that your loyalty programme has been tailored to suit your audience and your brand. One size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to loyalty.

In this book you will understand how you could best use one or several of the 7 loyalty models discussed in order to meet the needs of your audience.

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Series 3 - Define, Create, Implement

To implement the right loyalty strategy there are a number of steps you need to go through to define your programme, to implement successfully ensuring buy in from all stakeholders and as always, once agreement has been made on the best programme to suit the brand and audience, you need to ensure that you are measuring its effectiveness and refining it over time.

This final instalment in the series provides a number of useful checklists and points to ensure that your loyalty strategy stands our from the competition, with best practice hints and tips.

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